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Private IDFull NameDate Certified
3VBFQIQ Shabnam Mokhtar October 26, 2023
2PZTI7A Maria Granados October 26, 2023
KG6HA5Q Kayvan Milani October 26, 2023
FOMEOD6 Chia Hao Ho October 26, 2023
91XKVST Chantel Ng Keng Foong October 26, 2023
XQ79JT8 Anita Ahmad October 26, 2023
TG0575B Ahrabie Kirubasuthan October 26, 2023

No record was found.

Social Value Malaysia (SVM) verifies that this individual has completed the UNDP SDG Impact User Training and all required assignments. 

Please note that this certification does not enable the user to conduct any accreditated SDG-related training

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