Join our global community to connect and network with social value practitioners around the world.

Social Value Malaysia has a joint partnership with Social Value International. This means that by being a member with us, you will gain access to the best of both worlds. Join our community of likeminded organisations and individuals to be inspired, engage, learn, collaborate, and bring your voice to the movement.

Be a part of the Social Value Community

Together with our members, Social Value Malaysia seeks to improve and share best practices, to ingrain fundamental social value measurement and analytical concepts, and to create a powerful movement of like-minded individuals capable of influencing public policy. Through networking, knowledge sharing, and training, Social Value Malaysia aims to support, connect, and represent its members. This provides our members with a professional pathway for social value and impact.
The driving element behind Social Value Malaysia is our network of members. We promote a wider adoption of social value and impact assessment and management by collaborating and working in support of our members. This is driven by the fundamental benefits, which form the foundation of our service to our members and worldwide network communities:


We work to enable an engaged community that can drive forward  opportunities for  action and ensure  that  our members have the power to influence and change decision making.  


We amplify our members’ voices by offering them a  platform to demonstrate their knowledge and commitment to social value and increase their visibility through various national, regional, and international communication and engagement opportunities.  


Network Development

We work with our members to develop global and regional networks that can support  the growth and development of our international community.  


Events and Conferences

We host events and conferences that provide an opportunity to convene Social Value Leaders and our international community to drive forward innovation and best practice.


Membership is available to both organisations and individuals. All sectors are welcome to join, and we can help you reach your impact objectives. Thus, whether you are a novice in the field, a seasoned practitioner, an independent consultant, or a member of a large team, joining Social Value Malaysia will benefit you or your organisation in the following ways:

Individual Membership

Our Individual Membership is open to anyone interested in joining our network for measuring and managing social value and impact. This membership is available to any individual, regardless of where you are on your social value journey.

Student Membership

We would like to encourage the cultivation of social value management amongst students and thus this discounted membership provides opportunities and resources for them to leverage on. This membership is open to any students who are currently enrolled in any tertiary institutions to start their social value journey.

Corporate Membership

Our corporate memberships will receive specialised guidance and support from Social Value Malaysia to assist and guide them in integrating social value into their organisational activities, assessing and demonstrating their impact, and maximising the amount of social value they can produce. This membership is segregated between Corporate organisations, Public sectors and SMEs with a common shared commitment to social value.

Membership Fee

Fee per annum for Malaysia:

  • Student Membership RM250
  • Individual Membership: RM350
  • Corporate membership based on employee size:
    • Tier 1 business <250 employees : RM3000
    • Tier 2 business >250 employees : RM5000
    • Public Sector (GLC, Universities): RM4000